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Types of Jackpots

Slots with jackpots and other jackpot games are the favourites of many who visit online casinos. The game is exciting but it is the quest for the big prize that drives the player to compete. There are four types of jackpots, local, network, fixed, and progressive. Here is a quick look at what each type offers.

Local Jackpots

This jackpot is like mates playing a raffle at the local pub in hopes of winning a prize. It is limited to one machine or one area, has fewer competitors, and better odds of winning. The jackpot is also usually smaller than what you would see with many thousands of players involved.

Network Jackpots

Network jackpots, as the name implies, are available to players anywhere that a player can log into an online casino. This can be anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world that the casino’s games are available. Network jackpots are much larger than local jackpots making the quest for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow more exciting. These jackpots may be available in slot games, scratch games, and even table and card games at your online casino.

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are exactly “as advertised.” The payout never varies. These are typically network jackpots but may be local as well. The odds of winning are related to the size of the jackpot whether it is of the network or local variety. This is the jackpot that you can realistically dream about winning and vacationing in the Bahamas, buying a new auto, or paying off your home mortgage with the winnings!

Progressive Jackpots

For a player who dreams of winning the “big one,” progressive jackpots are the types of jackpots for you. Progressive jackpots start out large and become progressively larger until someone wins. Some of these games pay a moderately large amount of money and pay out routinely as many thousands typically play these games, all at the same time. Other progressive jackpots may pay amounts almost beyond belief. The payout amount continually goes up so pay attention. But, once you win one of the really huge progressive jackpots, your worries about money and need to ask how much something costs are often gone for life!