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Top 5 Slot games of 2020

Year on year, we see better graphics, bigger action, improved payouts and thrills aplenty. 2020 is proving no exception to this trend with some pretty impressive online slot games in the pipeline over the coming months.

Submerge yourself in our list of the top seven hitting your online casino screen this year and take a seat for slots action like never before in what seems to be a very mythical, mystical, medieval inspired collection to immerse yourself in, take a look below at our top 5 slot games to play in 2019:

Slot game 1: Forsaken Kingdom: The Path of Valor

The Medieval-themed realm seems to be a popular one across multiple channels and entertainment verticals; with online casino releases proving no different.

Enter Forsaken Kingdom: The Path of Valor.

Slot game overview:

Bonus features: Scatters, Free Spins and the Epic Battle Bonus
The story of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table have long been legend and story-induced gold, so right from the get-go, you meet the King, with his demons (of course there is a twist here) in a video clip to set the scene up for you. Along with that you’re guaranteed action scenes, with the legendary Excalibur in the mix, the round table itself, and many a stunning medieval castle as well as some not so aesthetically pleasing characters making an appearance.

Of course a King Arthur retelling would not be complete without Lady Guinevere; and land the two symbols on together and that my friends is not only eternal love, but an instant, gratifying win for you too thanks to Eternal Love (Bonus).

Slot game 2: Dragon’s Myth

Like the game above and its medieval theme, if Merlin were in the first game, he would love this one too, Dragon’s Myth.

King Arthur and his men aren’t the heroes in this story however, as our heroin here is a fiery red-headed girl, brave and courageous in her quest to catch dragons.

Slot game overview:

Bonus features: Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins, and the Dragon Bounty

Assist our protagonist in catching four dragons, and you’ll trigger up to 20 free spins, and collect your Dragon Bounty!

*In the background we’re hearing the sounds of some incredibly themed music as you read about the conquests above.

H2: Slot game 3: Vikings

You can tell from everything you’ve read above that we really aren’t making this theme of slot game up, that in fact there is a big output on the epic, crowd pleasing games ahead in 2019.

The Rathnor Thothbrok inspired television series is a hugely popular one currently, and the team behind NetEnt have done well to bring us this latest slot game addition.

Slot game overview:

Bonus features: Staked Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins

Delve into the myth that is the legend of the Vikings, and raid the reels for some pretty impressive winning potential.

Slot game 4: Titans of the Sun Hyperion

For Nordic Vikings to legendary Titans, enter Titans of the Sun Hyperion.

Your quest in this online slots machine is to claim the Titans’ treasure where you are looking at a 2,000x your stake in the base game alone.

There is nothing small scale about Titans, their presence or their payouts in this slot game is seems!

Slot game overview:

Bonus features: Free Spins feature, The Mystery Symbols feature

The Mediterranean setting is one of sheer beauty, glistening mystery and a larger than life immersive experience.

Slot game 5: Forbidden Throne

In a year where the finale of Game of Thrones is looming, fans of the medieval genre will love this slot game. This is THE ultimate themed video slot game out there at the moment, just because of the GoT alliance, and the epic final battle we are being promised come 14 April 2009.

With the Thrones intro song in mind now, we take you on a journey of the Forbidden Throne here, from the ever powerful Microgaming.

Slot game overview:

Bonus features: Free Spins feature

Your journey to capture the throne begins from the very first spin of the reel; and if there is one thing that is clear from this slots machine, the reels are incredibly captivating!

The theme of Fire and Ice is ever present throughout, and the symbols you’ll see on your journey include crystals, mystical beasts, a spell book and of course, Knights and princesses.

It’s fantasy meets virtual reality meets sheer unadulterated gaming pleasure.

Cheers to a slots-filled 2020 and happy gaming!