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How to win at online slots? Try these 7 tricks!

While we’re constantly told about how slots are based on luck, and that there is no outcome as to what the reels will reveal, there are also loads of advice tips and tricks online that we receive. So what are we to believe, what can we actually take to heart and use to successfully play online slots with?

Here is the top seven online slots gaming tips you need to know:

1. No deposit bonuses

Take note of the no deposit bonuses online casinos offer. These bonuses are practically free money! Most of these offers are given during sign up to newly signed up players at the casino, so even if you are more experienced at the game, take advantage, play your favourite slot games, and up your chances of winning real money.

2. The “loose slot”

In traditional brick and mortar settings, the term “loose slot” refers to mechanical defects on a slot machine that make is loose, with it then being likely more susceptible to paying out more often.

While online slots have Random Number Generators (RNGs), the difference with the online version is that you should monitor its payout frequency.

3. Local vs Network jackpots

In the world of casinos, there are two distinctive jackpot types: Local – which are housed within a specific casino, where the money generated comes from the players of the game. This jackpot could then differ from casino to casino.

The other casino type, network, or progressives – is essentially a pot where it pools players money from multiple online casinos, and multi-slots forms, from multiple online casino groups; with the total prize pools collectively and quite potentially substantial in size.

Both forms have their advantages, but deciding which to choose needs some though as to your betting potential, extent of playtime, and casino you choose. In some cases, the local jackpots have proved more beneficial for quicker outcomes, while the network jackpots offer larger amounts.

4. The slots worth choosing

Not all new slot games are created equal, and if you have been playing on a specific slot machine for an extended amount of time without any successful outcome, then the recommendation is that you move on – not prolong the time in the hopes that “this will be the one (spin)”. Online slots use RNGs, so each spin stands equal chance of winning, and with an impressive array of slot games offered at leading online casinos, you won’t fall short of games to try your luck on.

5. Know your online casino welcome offer options

The online casino arena is abuzz with multiple doors to (virtually) walk into, so use this to your advantage when making your decision as oppose to feeling overwhelmed with choice. The top rated ones will all have excellent welcome bonuses, incorporating popular games, so decide on what it is you would like to get out of the casino experience, be it free spins, free credits or other aspects of the offer that may be presented.

6. The pay table check

While online casinos all offer top welcome bonuses, with varying degree of incentive, it is recommended that you take note of the pay tables – not as often visibly displayed like the opening offers, but ones that are there for you if you do some research and reading prior to playing. Slots generally each have their own unique paytable scale, so don’t be surprised when you play, read up on these slot games and their variations.

7. Smaller payouts

While the appeal, allure and intrigue is generally in the slots with the bigger payouts, more and more we are seeing that your best chance of winning, in the short term at least, is in picking the slots with a smaller jackpot. The simple logic behind this is that the smaller the jackpot, the higher your chance of winning it, therefore not losing as much of your betting money.