12 Casino Secrets They Don't Want You To Know!

12 Casino Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know!

‘The House always wins’. This is an open secret in the world of casinos.  When you are spending your money in a casino, you must know your odds well. Here are some casino secrets that they don’t want you to know!  

Believe it or not, every casino is always set up with suitable CCTV cameras to keep an eye on the users. This ensures that every movement of yours is being tracked, including the kind of hand you possess. This is done for safety purposes so that genuine gamblers are not victimized!  

This is a true story that dealers are made to wear clothes that are worn by the casinos. Thatmeans none of their garments have any pockets. In fact, even the aprons are worn above the waist area to prevent them from pocketing anything.  

The fact of the matter is that the cheating, in different forms, does take place in the casino. These might not be major instances, but they are omnipresent. Sometimes, even the dealers tend to play along. But, there is still that tiny chance of being caught even on small cheating instances and that could make you a terrible gambler!  

If you are embarking on a new gambling journey in a casino for making a living or for providing for your family, you are in for quite the shock! The House usually wins and the problem is you are investing your money for basically obtaining a chance to win. And statistics suggest that an average gambler is about $40,000 in debt. So you can do the Math!  

You are out on your gambling mission in a casino, going from table and table and do you feel too much attention on yourself? Well, the dealers you deal with notice you and any change inbehavior is reported and the word travels. Whether you are a good gambler or you are in for some unwanted fun, they have their eyes on you.  

This has been a long-standing rule in different casinos. They usually do not have a clock or windows. The idea is to help you focus on your game and not have anything to distract you. You would never be in a hurry and would thus invest more in the games.  

There is a popular concept called ‘Party Pits’ in casinos. There are some tables that are especially sparkly and give you the feeling of a stereotypical Vegas casino with a lot of gambling options and booze. The catch is, these tables attract the gamblers, but offer a very low pay out and you would end up losing a lot!  

This is something that is unknown to even a lot of experienced casino gamblers. The more decorated a slot machine looks like, the lower will be the pay out, and this is the truth. You would end up fishing out a few bucks from your pocket just to experience the flashy lights on the machine.  

Even though you might be winning quite a few times and are blessed with good fortunes on a particular day, it is essential to know when to stop. Because the House always wins. Every casino has a better mathematical understanding of the odds and how they can get the money back from you. So when you are going on a high, it is best to quit and settle for that.  

There has been a lot of debate about this aspect in a casino. Is card counting legal? Yes, it is, believe it or not. You have all the right to do it, but the casino members, deals, and security are always keeping tabs on you. If you succeed at card counting, they might just alter the rules of the game to still get you trapped.  

Sometimes, in the casinos, you would often find dealers chatting up with the locals of the area. This might not be good news for you. If you find them getting along too well or chatting about their wife and kids, it is best to leave that table and look for an alternative. They might want to make more money out of the tourists; hence you need to be alert!  

This idea is simple. You have to invest your money in a game that you know well. If you are trying to pick up on a new game, you will have to start with a loss. So, the choice is yours. 

Would you rather invest in a game you know or would you risk your money in a new game?