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Top 10 biggest Mega Moolah online casino winners

Long hailed as the mega jackpot game of the online slots arena, Mega Moolah is THE game to place those bets on to secure some potentially pretty impressive wins on.

The reality of the Mega Moolah dream

Within the Mega Moolah realm of gaming options, the four most noteworthy:

Each of the above games pay into the same single jackpot fund, aiding in an impressive pot ready to be won.

How can you win on any of the Mega Moolah slot games?

Winners on Mega Moolah slot game have come from all across the globe: Finland, the UK, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden name but a few; winning in multiple currencies from British Pounds, Euro’s and US Dollars, as players can choose to play in their own home currency; when they win, the jackpot is then paid out in that chosen currency.

The casinos themselves are the ones that announce the winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot pot, and this is in accordance with if they winners choose to allow for publicity of their wins.

In the latest news from the Mega Moolah winner’s announcements:

The biggest Mega Moolah wins

This payout average has been noted as well above any other slot game offering at online casinos, and the biggest win to-date, as recorded by the Guinness World Records is £13.2 million, however on 28 September 2018, €18.9 million was won and thus the latest win will soon be ratified soon.

These wins as they stand in the top 10 mega wins on the Mega Moolah slot game are as follows:

  1. €18,910,668.01, 28/09/2018
  2. CA$20,059,287.27, 28/09/2018
  3. £13,213,838.68, 06/10/2015
  4. CA$11,633,898.44, 05/11/2016
  5. CA$11,610,536.59, 28/08/2016
  6. €8,012,153.35, 25/04/2017
  7. CA$9,572,948.34, 14/03/2017
  8. CA $8,453,754.28, 16/01/2017
  9. NZD$8,332,554.01, 24/06/2018
  10. €7,742,015.53, 25/09/2017

While some casinos don’t require personal details from its players for external (or media) coverage), the amounts above are the true reflection of what the Mega Moolah story is all about, so while we don’t know the names of these successful players, we are sure that they are smiling with their win in hand!